A Public Statement by Union Supporters at KRC (Press Release)


Dear Community, since Monday, November 4, false and malicious statements have been made about the Korean Resource Center (KRC) and our former Executive Director, Jonathan Paik. We write to you as current KRC staff to set the record straight and shed light on the actual injustices that have occurred at this organization under the leadership of Board President Dae Joong (DJ) Yoon. (more…)

A Powerful Movement Requires Movement Marathon Runners


(A lot has changed since I wrote this, originally meant for KRC Staff and Board. For updates, please refer to the main November 7th Statement).

Yongho Kim 10-25-2019

Korean: 강력한 사회운동에는 다수의 마라톤 주자가 필요합니다

My name is Yongho Kim. I started at KRC as a volunteer in 2005, and have taken on elections volunteer work, Medicare Part D enrollment, organizing the Seniors Group, website, college consultation for undocumented students, organizing undocumented students, immigration reform and DREAM Act, civic engagement, organizing the Korean LGBTQ+ and Allies group, database, press, and administration.

Regarding the current situation at KRC triggered by the budget deficit crisis, I felt that both sides do have some valid points, but when I think about the strategic directions KRC should be taking, I agreed that it’s best that DJ leaves the organization. It took me a long time to put my thoughts in order on this subject, which is why I write this letter now. (more…)

Why KRC Decided to Unionize


We, the Concerned Staff of the Korean Resource Center, are proud to announce that we have unionized with the International Association of Machinists (IAM) District 947. We have taken all proper and legal protocols to form this union, and moving forward, all staff will have a voice in this organization.

Comprised of administrative staff, community organizers, and service providers, we are committed to serving and empowering the immigrant community in Los Angeles and Orange County. We fight to uplift the lives of all our community members and advocate for the full realization of their rights. As nonprofit employees who come from the very communities that we serve, we deserve the same rights and protections that we advocate for on behalf of our communities. (more…)

DJ’s email to Youngran’s group


Wednesday,October 16 at 11:05 pm
SUBJECT: (no subject)
FROM: Dae Yoon (DJ Yoon)
TO: Youngran, [Staff names redacted]


Thank you for spending another difficult day at work.

I thank everyone who took the difficult decision to write the letter and who joined in posing this important challenge.

Me and other board members agree with the problems you posed. In fact, the problems you identified are even more serious problems than those the “Concerned Staff” presented against me – they are of critical relevance in KRC’s governance and administration. And this is why I think that all board members have been deeply shocked, and are pondering how it was possible that problems like these could have happened, and how could there have been such a discriminatory power abuse of the privileged. (more…)

Concerned Staff Letter to DJ


Dear DJ Yoon,

Many of the staff have come together because we feel unsafe working in our organization because of you and we have compiled letters to address this severe issue. Please see attached our letters and complaints.

Per our letter, we would also like to request a meeting with you today at 6:00 PM at the Kingsley office. We ask that Caroline Lee be present at this meeting in her capacity as Board Chair to represent the Board. This is a closed meeting and we ask that no other board members attend.


Concerned Staff


Letter Regarding the Layoffs from Concerned Staff


Korean: 대량해고를 반대하는 실무진 편지

Dear KRC Board of Directors,

We, the Concerned Staff at KRC, learned that the KRC Board of Directors proposed to lay off a significant number of KRC line staff. These rumors were confirmed by the email sent by Yongho Kim on behalf of the Board on September 9th, stating that, “The budget/fiscal condition of KRC is in a deficit position (of about $260,000.00) and significant changes have to be made quickly.” (more…)