NPR: Another Asian American Civil Rights Organization Splinters In LA


This is the audio clip of the news as it aired on KPCC/SCPR, the Southern California branch of NPR, on Friday, November 22 at 8:50 am.

Please visit the LAist article for a full story.

Machine transcript: another Asian Americans civil rights organization is enough people it’s been months now since there were major layoffs said Asian Americans advancing Justice L.A. he PCC chose want reports now the Korean resource centers lost more than half of its staff the Korean resource center or cares see is a leading advocate for low-income and immigrant koreans its organizers worked on flipping Orange County from red to Blue in the last election its legal staff provides free aid to immigrants and seniors but about 20 people have left the nonprofit in recent weeks many saying they’re upset with the board president and his management style Jenny some resigned care sees legal director she says staffers work long hours with no overtime working people over their physical limits it’s very very emotional gap she told us that they watch and see people truly burn out leading immigrant rights altogether the staff also accused board president D.J. June making sexually inappropriate comments financial ineptitude and favoring male employees you for his part says he’s made mistakes but that he’s also been misunderstood he plans to step down as board president early next year but he does dispute accusations that he overworked staff own bottom here fear would be the more important for our benefit him because you don’t know what role more on matthew of everybody media cannot one thing you’d and his critics can agree on that their jobs are fighting for immigrants have only been made harder under a Trump presidency covering asian American communities I’m josie huang

By Yongho Kim 김용호