Why KRC Decided to Unionize


We, the Concerned Staff of the Korean Resource Center, are proud to announce that we have unionized with the International Association of Machinists (IAM) District 947. We have taken all proper and legal protocols to form this union, and moving forward, all staff will have a voice in this organization.

Comprised of administrative staff, community organizers, and service providers, we are committed to serving and empowering the immigrant community in Los Angeles and Orange County. We fight to uplift the lives of all our community members and advocate for the full realization of their rights. As nonprofit employees who come from the very communities that we serve, we deserve the same rights and protections that we advocate for on behalf of our communities.

In recent months, hostile actions taken by members of the KRC Board of Directors have exposed the dire need for staff to come together to form a union. Specifically, staff have recognized a critical need for protection from the Board’s unchecked power, abusive treatment of certain staff, intentional spread of misinformation, conflicts of interest, and lack of accountability. We have witnessed Board members victim-blame and retaliate against concerned staff who acted collectively to protest workplace conditions, in violation of § 7 of the NLRA.

Though we work at KRC because we care for our community, we refuse to put up with this any longer, and we will not allow our labor and compassion to be exploited. Thus, staff have collectively formed a union with the IAM, designating them as our collective bargaining agent. As we move forward, we aim for every staff member at KRC to be part of the collective bargaining unit, which will be determined collectively by all staff.

Here are a few key issues that we seek to address:

  • Establishing transparency in the decisions made at all levels of the organization, including by the Board of Directors, to ensure that all actions are accounted for
  • Protecting the rights of diverse staff, including women, LGBTQ members, and immigrants, to foster a healthy, safe, and inclusive work environment for all
  • Giving all staff a voice in decisions that will affect the organization’s structures, practices, and finances without fear of retaliation

We love the work we do at KRC. Both line staff and management staff have been committed to upholding the mission and values of this organization and believe that there is room for KRC to grow. We look forward to this new progressive chapter at KRC where all staff will have a seat at the bargaining table.


Concerned Staff of KRC

By liverightly