DJ’s email to Youngran’s group


Wednesday,October 16 at 11:05 pm
SUBJECT: (no subject)
FROM: Dae Yoon (DJ Yoon)
TO: Youngran, [Staff names redacted]


Thank you for spending another difficult day at work.

I thank everyone who took the difficult decision to write the letter and who joined in posing this important challenge.

Me and other board members agree with the problems you posed. In fact, the problems you identified are even more serious problems than those the “Concerned Staff” presented against me – they are of critical relevance in KRC’s governance and administration. And this is why I think that all board members have been deeply shocked, and are pondering how it was possible that problems like these could have happened, and how could there have been such a discriminatory power abuse of the privileged.

I feel very indebted to everyone who have suffered these difficulties, without no one knowing about them. I also thank you for slapping their faces so everyone can come to their senses, even though it may feel belated.

When the “Concerned Staff” sent me their letter, I thought it was just an attack against me. However, after talking with other people and hearing [redacted]’s story, as I read your letter, I realized that this was not just an attack on me as an individual, but against everyone, against KRC’s foundational principles, and the values we have upheld to date.

We have always put a lot of effort to fix what is outside of us, the injustices. But I now deeply realize of the inequalities at the management level, which had been rotting away internally. I realize that these so called minority “young leadership” had been abusing their power and hurting other staff. I think we need to start from scratch, and go back to the path we should have pursued from the start.

As we boldly cut away the rotting flesh, and we await with hope for a new flesh, a new life, I think of everyone, [redacted], and [redacted] who is not with us but will probably be pondering about this, and [redacted] who is far away in Chicago but loves KRC’s spirit, I feel reinvigorated.

I ask for just a little bit more of patience and participation. And I bow to thank you all.

Dae Yoon

By liverightly