Letter Regarding the Layoffs from Concerned Staff


Korean: 대량해고를 반대하는 실무진 편지

Dear KRC Board of Directors,

We, the Concerned Staff at KRC, learned that the KRC Board of Directors proposed to lay off a significant number of KRC line staff. These rumors were confirmed by the email sent by Yongho Kim on behalf of the Board on September 9th, stating that, “The budget/fiscal condition of KRC is in a deficit position (of about $260,000.00) and significant changes have to be made quickly.”

KRC was founded to seek to improve the life of the individual and the community. We demanded transparency from the current government administration, marched with the labor unions, partnered with progressive organizations, but the Board’s actions are fundamentally antithetical to the mission and values of this organization. They violate the rights of workers, entrench capitalistic and anti-grassroots norms and values, and reflect a top-down, autocratic leadership that silences the voices of its staff.

We were not given accurate information regarding KRC’s financial situation, nor were we informed that one of the solutions was layoffs. If layoffs are to proceed without staff input, then that will lead to low morale among existing staff, deteriorating trust between staff and the Board, poor work productivity, and extreme turnover rates, resulting in greater startup costs for onboarding new staff.

As employees who have worked every day with our communities to advance KRC’s mission, we deserve answers before you decide to upend the lives of KRC’s employees. Thus, we, the Concerned Staff of KRC, urge you to (1) bring independent financial analysis so that staff, Board and the Executive Team could make a collective decision; (2) present possible alternative solution(s) to massive layoffs and allow staff to make a collective decision; (3) maintain transparency for future layoff decisions.

We believe these are merely the first steps in coming to a solution between the Board and the staff. Thus, we urge you to communicate and work with staff transparently to overcome current financial issues. We are committed to KRC’s mission and values, and we hope that you include us in the process.

Concerned Staff of KRC

By liverightly